Catalyst Space Accelerator

The Air Force Research Laboratory, Space Vehicles Directorate built a collaborative program platform, the Catalyst Space Accelerator, to rapidly onboard innovative space technologies developed by an untapped national resource of commercial entrepreneurs. The Catalyst Space Accelerator is a 12-week, semi-residential program that offers customer discovery opportunities for selected cohort companies as well as business development mentoring and networking opportunities.

By locating the accelerator on the Catalyst Campus in proximity to the customer, the customer discovery process – wherein the participants gather an operational perspective from Department of Defense personnel and decision makers and come to understand their needs – will be greatly reduced, from an average of two years in the typical government market to less than three months through the Catalyst Accelerator.

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Air Force CyberWorx

AF CyberWorx is a USAFA organization partnering a variety of innovative problem solvers – airmen, cadets, industry, and academia – to reimagine how technology might enrich and protect our nation, businesses, and lives. As a human-centric design center, they seek out unique ways to connect Air Force warfighters with solutions that feature current and future technology in meaningful ways.

Encouragement of innovation and collaboration at the heart of the program promotes an array of potential solutions to each problem faced. CyberWorxs looks to transfer, license, and share promising prototypes, solutions, and knowledge with our partners to create value for both the warfighter and industry.

Partnering with AF CyberWorx provides airmen and cadets with the opportunity to work with real-world practitioners, creating teaming environments that will help with their leadership skills in their Air Force careers.

learn more: afcyberworx.org

Space CAMP

Space CAMP (Commercially Augmented Mission Platform) is an Air Force development organization that continuously develops and delivers software to the front line Space Operators, where no software has gone before. Developers at Space CAMP have the opportunity to work in the innovative Space Research and Development ecosystem of Catalyst Campus, getting hands-on experience with cutting edge technology, lean principles, user-centered design and eXtreme programming.

Space CAMP software engineers pair with another camper when implementing a story from the backlog. This spreads context and eliminates knowledge silos. Engineers write tests before implementation of production code. Testing provides Space CAMPers both confidence and focus. Engineers work with a balanced-team approach, providing inputs on complexity and architecture decisions to the product team members.

Bluestaq: Unified Data Library

Bluestaq is a technology company focused on delivering advanced software systems to the US Department of Defense and Intelligence Community. They have specific expertise in accreditable, state-of-the-art Identity and Data Access Management solutions for protecting and controlling the dissemination of highly sensitive data.

The Air Force Research Laboratory Space Vehicles Directorate has partnered with Bluestaq, Applied Technology Associates, and CCTI to build a Unified Data Library (UDL) with the goal of increasing exposure of commercial space data to the United States Government, and decreasing the barrier of entry for commercial providers contributing to US Government operations and processes. The UDL enables academic, government and commercially-gathered satellite and cybersecurity data sets to be accessed and leveraged for research and development innovation and acceleration of technological solutions for both defense and commercial markets.

learn more: bluestaq.com